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Rental Car

Rental Car Companies

Rental Car Companies

Toyota Rental Car


Business Hours8:00~21:00 (from 7:30 during August)

Nippon Rent-a-car


Business Hours8:00~21:00

Timescar Rent-a-car


Business Hours8:00~20:00

Nissan Rent-a-car


Business Hours8:00~20:00

Budget Rent-a-car


Business Hours8:00~20:00

Orix Rent-a-car


Business Hours8:00~20:00

Kaste Rental Car


Business Hours8:00~20:00 (7 days a week)

Kunisaki Rent-a-car


Business HoursMonday - Saturday 7: 00~21: 00 Sunday from 7:00 to 19:00

Rental Car Process

Customers with reservations

Please state your name to the appropriate rental car company's counter, located on the first floor of the domestic arrivals lobby. A car will pick you up and take you to their office for processing.

Customers without reservations

Make your way to one of the rental car company's counters located on the first floor of the domestic arrivals lobby and begin processing.

Customers with reservations from other companies

Follow your rental car company's directions or contact them directly.

Oita Airport Rental Car Counters

First Floor

Location: Domestic Terminal, first floor, arrival lobby, next to the general information desk, in front of the ANA counter