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Soranoeki tabito

The motto is "Friendly service with a smile", and the concept is "authentic Oita", "enjoyment", and "easy to choose". The amount of "limited to Tabito" items number a staggering 3000, which is the most in Oita Prefecture. That's not even to mention the other items they carry such as Oita confections, food items, liquor, and other miscellaneous goods.
The staff eagerly awaits your visit!
Feel free to order online from their online site, "TabiTo".

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Their Picks For You

Oita confections

We have all sorts of popular Oita confections, including "Xavier", "Don Francisco", "Setsugetsuka", and "Kojo no Tsuki". Make sure to check out the history behind some of them!

Oita's special products

Special products like "kabosu" (citrus), "shiitake", and "seki-mackerel", among others, as well as souvenirs of famous local eats such as "ryu-kyu", chicken tempura, and dumpling soup.