Nursing Room

In two places within the Domestic Building, there are sinks that have hot water for baby formula and microwaves to heat up baby food and milk. In the nursing rooms there're also changing stations (equipped with a belt for security).

  • There's no nursing room in the domestic waiting area (after passing through security, however, you can use the changing board in the multipurpose restrooms.)
  • There are no nursing rooms in the International Building.
<For people with small children>
  • We offer free baby stroller rentals. For passengers, please inquire directly with your airline. For people without flights, please inquire at the General Information Desk on the first floor. Click here for more details
  • There are six multipurpose restrooms with changing boards total in the domestic and international buildings. Click here for more details
  • Ladies' restrooms have baby holders.
  • The Seven-Eleven on the first floor of the domestic building sells paper diapers (size M), paper underwear (size M and L), and baby wipes.

First Floor Next to the departure lobby


Sink with hot water, changing board (1), chair, liquid soap, trash can (for paper diapers)

2nd Floor Departure lobby behind the central stairs


【Main area】 Sink with hot water, changing board (2), liquid soap, trash can (for paper diapers), Microwave
【Nursing corner】 Table, two-person chairs (2), accordion curtain
*The nursing corner can be isolated by using the accordion curtain.