Complete with facilities so anyone from people with children all the way to the elderly can feel at ease.
In the passenger building at Oita Airport, efforts are being made to be more accommodating to mothers with children, persons with disabilities, and the elderly. The motto of the Airport is "An airport that is kind to people" and we've made a nursing room, we've placed wavy handrails in the stairways for better grip, we have ostomate-friendly facilities and folding beds in the multipurpose restrooms, and we are confident that all kinds of people can enjoy their trip.

Accessible entrance and exit to the terminal

Accessible entrance and exit to the terminalAccessible entrance and exit to the terminal

In front of the Domestic Building (North side), there are slopes for wheelchairs.

Parking spots for persons with disabilities

Parking spots for persons with disabilitiesParking spots for persons with disabilitiesParking spots for persons with disabilitiesインターホン

There are 10 parking sports wider than usual located in the Oita Airport parking lot.
From the parking lot to the airport building there is a smooth path with no steps.
Within the parking spots there are two interphones that connect to the parking lot management office.

*Discount for persons with disabilities
Persons with disabilities can go to the Fare Adjustment Office and show their bankbook to the staff to receive a 50% discount on items.

(Questions) Airport Environment Improvement Foundation Oita Branch
   TEL: 0978-68-1158 Click here for more details

Universal Design Pay Phones

Universal Design Pay PhonesUniversal Design Pay Phones

Inside the airport building there are payphones that feature volume controllers, card/coin inserts, and lower positioning for use by people in wheelchairs.

Universal Design Vending Machines

Universal Design Vending MachinesUniversal Design Vending Machines

Inside the airport building there are vending machines that feature coin inserts that you can put all your coins in at once, lower positioned buttons, and an opening that is easy to access for all people.

Braille Signs/Bumpy tiles set in public areas to mark the path for the blind

In order to make a pleasant experience for people with visual impairments, toilet signs, elevator/escalator signs, and handrails feature braille and inside the elevator there is voice guidance.

Writing Board/Ear Mark

For people hard of hearing, or for people who struggle with conversation, there are boards located at the general information desk, restaurants and other places throughout the building.(15 in total) Please feel free to use them.

Resting Room/Dressing Room

Next to the check-in lobby on the first floor, there is a resting room for when your body takes a sudden turn for the worse. There is also a dressing room for when you have to change clothes.(separated by sex)

Cane Holder

There are 39 cane holders in bathrooms throughout the airport so canes won't fall to the floor.

Wavy Handrails

In order to relieve stress on the body, wavy handrails were placed in the stairs going down to the domestic baggage claim and also the slope up to the Observation Deck. These handrails leave your wrist in a natural position and making it harder to lose grip.